The Best web hosting for small business 2022

best web hosting for small business 2022

In this article, we are going to see, which is the best web hosting for small business in 2022 and Best Cheapest WordPress hosting, We know, Website speed is an important factor in Google’s ranking, So to increase the speed of the website, we need to choose a good hosting, So today we will discuss good web hosting for small business

Best 4 web hosting companies for small businesses in 2022

Nowadays, having a well-managed website is a must for the success of your online presence. But in the marketplace, there are too many website builders that you can not decide which web hosting provider is best for in 2022. And also, many factors to consider before choosing it for running your small business at beginners. So in today’s article, I will try to share the list of the top and cheapest WordPress hosting companies and how you can benefit from them.

When you’re creating a website for the first time, you face a lot of options of providers in the marketplace. And you find it difficult to choose the best reliable web hosting.

As a beginner, you should have the simplicity key for running your website smoothly. You need to select an easy operating system and a plan that provides hosting essentiality like a domain and SSL certificate straight out of the box.

Similarly, for starting your own small business, you look for a simple deal that has search engine friendly, and the site can rank more easily.  Above all, you find the providers that are:

  •   Offering reliable best features-to price ratio;
  •   Providing 100 percent uptime availability in terms of speed;
  •  Upgrading your plan when your website grows;
  •  Operating regular full backups;
  •   Solving problems immediately through their live customer support;

The Best Domain Hosting Provider in Bangladesh 2022

 Allow you to have other essential features such as a one-click installer, file manager, and DNS management;

Which web hosting is the best and cheapest in the ranking for 2022?

  • Hostinger– Cheapest WordPress hosting for reliability
  • Bluehost- Great user experience for beginners
  • NameCheap– Trusted the world over for bringing your idea to life
  •  DreamHost– Pocket-friendly month to month plans for small business

Cheapest WordPress web hosting for small business in 2022

NameCheap is the Best Affordable Web Hosting for Small Business in 2022, Because the Namecheap support, the price of the hosting package, and the speed of the website are very good

1. NameCheap is the Best Affordable Web Hosting for Small Business in 2022

Founder Richard Kirkendall was first Founded NameCheap in 2000, and now they have over 11 million customers and hosts. In the critical domain names, It has been a trusted partner.

Also, they have a reasonable price plan for your need and a 100% service level agreement for uptime. Above all, they always strive to deliver customer commitment and give you a guaranteed service level that you can grow bigger and better.

Which benefited features of Namecheap can bring success:

  •   NameCheap’s uptime suitability is 100%. And to ensure this, they will pay for it if your uptime isn’t perfect.
  • Make it cheap and easy when you switch over to their plan from another provider. They charge you absolutely nothing for the migration of your site.
  •  You can get your money back or switch to another plan within 30 days if you are not satisfied with their plan.
  •  Offer the cheapest basic plan, which is a lot more than most of their competitors. In addition to that, you will have a free SSL certificate for the first year, and you also get free backups twice a week.
  • The continuation faster speed for page loading of this company is attainable to Google’s number. Their average page speed is 458Millisecond.
” rel=”sponsored nofollow”>Pricing and options
Best web hosting for small business 2022
Best web hosting for small business 2022

Namecheap has different package options to choose from, and indeed they are very cheap and a great deal compared to other shared hosting plans.

  • Stellar: $1.58 per month, billed annually. Including 20 GB SSD, three websites, a free domain name (first year), and free CDN.
  • Stellar Plus: $2.68 per month, Pay annually, unlimited SSD, unlimited websites, auto-backup, free domain name, Free CDN, and more.
  •  Stellar Business: $4.80 per month, Pay annually. 50 GB SSD, Limitless websites, auto-backup, cloud storage, free domain name, free CDN, and more.

On top of this, with every shared hosting plan, you will get a free website builder, domain name, privacy protection, free SSL certificate, free SSL installation, cPanel, email service, and 24 hours customer support in a week.

Also, NameCheap offers Reseller Hosting where you can earn passive income, and the offers are 3 several cheaper hosting like Nebula, Galaxy Expert, and Universe Pro.

In addition, they have three various flexible hosting plans to begin your WordPress website. Plans are EasyWP Supersonic, EasyWP Turbo, and EasyWordPress Starter.

Payment Methods: American Express, Bitcoin, Mastercard, PayPal, Visa, and Discover.

The number of reviews on Trustpilot: 11173

Rating on Trustpilot: 4.4/5

Main Headquarters: Los Angeles, California, United States.

The Best Top 10 Domain Hosting Company in Bangladesh 2022

2. Hostinger Review

Hostinger administrates as one of the cheapest hosting providers for your small business. It is easy to set up and affordable for start-up your website. Also, It has a pocket-friendly price that includes excellent features and performance

Here are Hostinger’s main benefited features for beginners:

  • Hostinger owned panel has powerfully functioned as beginners. You feel happy by using their dedicated WordPress management tool and 1-click installations.
  •  The impressive customer support options are available 24 hours a week. And these are covered by live chat, email, ticketing systems, and a comprehensive knowledge base.
  •  For a reliable performance result, they use the latest tech like LiteSpeed web server technology, caching, and the latest PHP
  •   If you want to create an international site, you will be glad to know that they have servers in the UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia, and Lithuania.
Hostinger pricing plans:

It has three different shared hosting plans and includes WordPress management tools and an SSL certificate.

  •     Single plan ($2.59/month) – 1 website, 30GB storage, 1 email account, and 100GB bandwidth that’s sufficient for 10,000 monthly visitors.
  •   Premium plan ($1.99/month) – 100 websites, 100GB storage, limitless bandwidth for 25,000 monthly visitors, 100 emails, and 1 domain for free of charge.
  •   Business plan ($3.99/month) – 100 websites, 200GB storage, limitless bandwidth for up to 100,000 monthly visitors, 100 emails, free domain, CDN (content delivery network), and everyday backups.

Different hosting types: Shared, VPS, cloud, WordPress

Ranked on website planet’s list: Number 1 from 3856 Web Hosting

Website planet rating: 4.9/5

Email for Sales inquiry: [email protected]

One of the office’s locations: Kaunas, Lithuania, Hostinger, UAB, Jonavos g. 60C, 44192

Payments methods:

PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and Amex payments are granted worldwide. Only for the US and Europe Discover, Maestro, Diner’s, and JCB are accepted

3. Bluehost Review

Bluehost is a popular name in the hosting industry for beginners’ web and offers multiple solutions. It mainly focused on an automatic WordPress setup and a reasonable price for a startup company. Indeed, WordPress creator’s recommended provider is Bluehost which stands as one of the 3 providers. So, you can freely use a platform that mainly focuses on the needs of WordPress

Why Bluehost is the best web hosting for small business in 2022

  •  BlueHost automatically installs WordPress when you first log in to the platforms. And a theme you can pick during this process.
  • A built-in management area comes with WordPress websites, which within a couple of clicks; you can set up a Cloudflare CDN and manage a global plugin.
  • The professional knowledge base customer support is reaching you 24 hours a week. Also, live chat, phone calls, ticketing, and email support are available.
  •  Bluehost’s price always stays inexpensive, even with the comprehensive features. And, you can choose their several affordable options when your site grows, including VPS and dedicated server hosting.
  • Additionally, they have a user-friendly dashboard and Cpanel for running your server without pain.

An important thing to know is that Bluehost is perfect for the US-based audience in a small business. And their server is only in the US, which is why an international audience will take more time for loading the page.

Bluehost pricing plans

There are four different shared hosting plans at a satisfactory level that you will also get a free domain, free SSL, email accounts, and unlimited bandwidth with every plan.

  •   Basic ($2.95 per month) – Only 1 website,  50GB storage.
  • Plus ($4.95 per month) – unlimited sites with limitless storage.
  • Choice Plus ($4.95 per month) – Domain privacy and automated backups for a year.
  •   Pro ($13.95 per month) – Dedicated IP and optimized CPU resources.
  • Uptime availability: Up to 99.99%
  • Available speed: 361ms
  • Different Hosting types: Shared, WordPress, VPS, dedicated
  • Google rating: 4.5/5
  • Headquarters: 5335 Gate Pkwy, 2nd Floor, Jacksonville, FL 32256
  • Customer service number: 00 1 801-765-9400 or 888-401-4678

4. DreamHost Review

DreamHost is famous for cheap and easy managing shared hosting. You wouldn’t ever find in others like its best hosting solutions for beginners and small a business.

Let’s have a look at DreamHost‘s highlight:

  • You can install your WordPress with just a single click. And can migrate the site quickly to their dedicated plugin.
  •   There are two inclusive shared hosting plans. In relatively, both are the cheapest and are have a free domain, SSL certificate, daily backups, and domain privacy protection.
  •   If you ever face a problem, the DreamHost customer support team helps you through live chat (5:30 AM – 9:30 PM PT), phone support, and 24/7 email tickets.
  •  Uptime attainability is up to 99.99%. and speed is 231ms

The pricing of DreamHost:

Starter and unlimited are the two shared hosting plans for DreamHost, and both prices are the cheapest and most affordable. And this cheapest pricing plan will set your small business easily.

  •   Starter:  Per month $2.59, 50GB storage and unlimited bandwidth, but only 1 website.
  •   unlimited: Per month $3.95, This is a much better option, you will get limitless storage, bandwidth, websites, and email.

Payment Methods: Credit/Debit Card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, Check or Money Order, and Diners Club) reviewed this company and ranked 4.5/5. They said it is an affordable web hosting service and its top shared hosting plan is cheaper than alternatives.

Email address: [email protected]

Contact Number: 714-706-4182

Headquarters for this company: Los Angeles, California, United States

Final recommendations: The best web hosting for beginners in 2022.

There are many web hosting options in the marketplace that claim to be beginner-friendly, but only a few of them remain true to their words. On the other hand, The above listed in a simple dashboard is not enough for choosing the best hosting.Therefore I highly recommend NameCheap  company for newbies, for its dependable customer support and plans. They provide a great value compared to other competitors and in the way of your needs.

In my opinion, NameCheap is one of the cheapest, best web hosting for small business in 2022.

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